DTI Grants

DTI Grants for existing and start-up companies

DTI Grants for existing and start-up companies has reached over Two Billion Rand.

DTI grants

The DTI has made over two billion Rand available. The DTI grants assist businesses to become competitive in their industry. There are lots of DTI grants for businesses in all sectors. The government of South Africa is playing an important role to help businesses maintain a strong economy. It also has committed to making funds available for sustainable projects.

The DTI provides financial support to companies that qualify for DTI grants. Financial support is offered for various economic activities. This includes manufacturing, business competitiveness, export development and market access. There is also a DTI grant for foreign direct investment. The purpose and focus of the DTI is to create opportunities for businesses to grow. Expanding operations of a business would have the benefit of employment in sectors that are important. Each funding and incentive scheme have their own requirements. Contact us for assistance with DTI Funding and DTI Incentives.

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